Additional Services

We Offer a Variety of Other Services to Improve the Health and Vitality of Your Lawn

Beyond our six-step lawn care program and weed control, Green Vision offers a variety of other services to help improve the health and durability of your yard. As lawn care experts, we customize our services to fit the needs of each customer. These services include aeration, overseeding, rock replenishment, mulching, and sprinkler maintenance.

Invigorate Your Colorado Springs Lawn With Aeration

Have you noticed bare patches, dead grass, or soft spots on your lawn? You may have compacted soil. Wear and tear from excessive use, including foot traffic, large equipment, or vehicles, can create a build-up of thatch and soil compaction. Compacted soil can obstruct root growth, preventing oxygen, water, and much-needed nutrients from getting to your roots.

Signs your grass suffers from soil compaction include:

  • Puddling of water in low areas of your lawn
  • Thin, patchy areas of grass
  • Areas of bare dirt where nothing grows
  • Heavy clay soil
  • Tough soil
  • Excessive build-up of organic matter
  • Spongy grass

Aeration involves the process of using three-inch plugs to redistribute soil across your lawn. It helps to break up compaction while allowing your roots to receive the much-needed water, oxygen, and nutrients once again. Green Vision’s aeration system will invigorate your lawn and have it looking fresh and new in no time.

Boost Your Lawn's Resistance With Overseeding

Boost Your Lawn's Resistance With Overseeding

Another key application Green Vision provides is overseeding. Typically performed after aeration, overseeding can be crucial to maintaining a thick full lawn. Over the years, turf blades can begin to wilt and die due to lack of nutrients, including sunlight. Overseeding is the process of planting new grass and combining it with existing grass. Doing this helps fill in thin patches and boost your lawn’s resistance to pests, diseases, and even drought.

Overseeding done on an annual basis can prevent many of these problems from continuing. Green Vision’s overseeding process is not only cost-effective and affordable but will allow your lawn to remain healthy and sustainable. Learn more about our aeration and overseeding process by contacting us now.

Enhance the Look of Your Colorado Springs Landscape With Our Mulching Services

Mulch is a layer of material applied to the surface of the soil. It helps retain moisture, discourages and prevents weeds and makes your garden look more attractive. It instantly adds color and a manicured look to any area of your foundation. This includes areas around trees and shrubs, in between gardens, and along the foundation of your home. It can be used to fill in flower beds, as fillers outside of in-ground swimming pools, and as a decoration to liven up your landscape. Mulch has benefits that go beyond beautifying a home.

Some benefits of mulching include:

  • It acts as an insulator and helps to regulate soil temperatures
  • It reduces weed growth
  • Helps to improve the fertility and health of your soil
  • Reduces soil erosion and soil compaction
  • Helps to prevent water loss

Contact the professionals at Green Vision and learn how we can enhance the look of your home while improving the look of your soil.

Refresh Your Colorado Springs Landscape With Our Rock Replenishing Service

Refresh Your Colorado Springs Landscape With Our Rock Replenishing Service

Replenish your ground covering with mulch or rock installation services by Green Vision. Rock landscaping is an attractive landscape design option that instantly increases curb appeal and requires minimal maintenance. Landscaping rocks are ideal for edging, rock gardens, pathways, and other yard accents such as fountains and planters. Using stones as ground covering helps prevent erosion, retain moisture, prevent the spread of plant disease, and provide weed prevention. At Green Vision, we can come out and match your existing rocks and give you a free estimate to fill in the bare areas or install new pieces. Contact us today to find out more.

Save Time With Our Irrigation Start-Up and Blow Out Service

Save Time With Our Irrigation Start-Up and Blow Out Service

Green Vision proudly offers general maintenance and services for all sprinkler systems.

Spring Start-Ups
Your irrigation system requires specialized care and maintenance after a long, harsh Colorado winter. Green Vision’s spring irrigation start-up program works on all irrigation systems. Making sure your lawn’s irrigation system is working correctly and is prepared for summer is essential. Our highly trained technicians will perform an inspection, run a system check, make adjustments as needed, clear grass around sprinklers, and reprogram the irrigation controller.

Sprinkler Blow-Out
Properly winterizing your sprinkler system is essential before the first freeze so that the system does not freeze inside and damage your pipes. Winterizing a sprinkler system is time-consuming and can result in costly damage if not done correctly. Leave it up to the pros at Green Vision. We will shut off the water supply to your system, blow out the water lines, and reprogram the irrigation controller.

With our semi-arid climate and water restrictions, why leave an expensive irrigation system up to chance? Contact the professionals at Green Vision and let us do the work for you.