Lawn Care

The Best Lawn Care in Colorado Springs, CO

A healthy lawn benefits everyone – you, as the home or business owner, your neighbors, overall property value, and the environment. But achieving a healthy, vibrant lawn is hard work.  For your grass to be at its best, it requires nourishment and protection against damaging weeds.

With our semi-arid and extreme variability in weather conditions here in Colorado Springs, providing a one size fits all technique for lawn care is almost impossible. That’s why at Green Vision, our lawn care is customized to fit the needs of each customer. Our team is highly knowledgeable about the different types of grasses and soils that make up our local landscapes. Green Vision offers a comprehensive and effective six-step program that combines the right nutrients and weed control in the appropriate quantities at the correct times. The first and last applications always contain granular fertilizer, but applications can be altered to fit each customer’s unique landscape needs. 

To Prepare Your Colorado Springs Lawn For Winter

In the fall, we apply a late fall fertilizer application. This helps to retain moisture and maintain the nutrients in the soil throughout the winter. In the spring, it will help your turf to bounce back from dormancy faster and healthier.

Is Your Yard in Need of a Complete Lawn Renovation?

Is your residential or commercial lawn in desperate need of repairs or a makeover? No need to worry. The experts at Green Vision specialize in complete lawn renovations. We offer a highly-effective lawn renovation that restores the health and life back into your roots, improving the overall look and feel of your lawn.

Mowing Tips for Your Colorado Springs Lawn

There are pros and cons to mowing high or low. Cutting high at about three inches can save water. It also helps the water reach deeper into the roots providing them with moisture needed to recover from stress. Unfortunately, it can also invite a variety of lawn diseases and different types of fungus.

On the other hand, mowing low requires more water but can have a neat and clean appearance. It also reduces the risk of fungus and disease. Due to the lack of precipitation Colorado Springs receives and our local water restrictions, at Green Vision, we recommend mowing your turf at the higher level of three inches.

The Benefits of Properly Irrigating Your Colorado Springs Lawn

The Benefits of Properly Irrigating Your Colorado Springs Lawn

Most lawn diseases occur due to improper irrigation. Here in Colorado Springs, our semi-arid climate often prevents our lawn and plants from getting enough water. That’s why it’s extremely important to keep your turf watered properly and adequately. During the warmer months, we suggest that you water twice per day, three days per week. Customers who have drip and micro-spray heads should water once per day at a maximum of 30 minutes per cycle. Customers who own programmable timers should focus on watering the root zone for 20 minutes per day. No matter what type of irrigation system you have, always be careful not to overwater.

For a Strong, Beautiful, Drought and Disease Resistant Lawn, Contact the Professionals at Green Vision

For a Strong, Beautiful, Drought and Disease Resistant Lawn, Contact the Professionals at Green Vision

Allow Green Vision to give you back your free time. With our vast range of products, knowledgeable, and dedicated team, we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Our team is committed to delivering a quality product that can be enjoyed visually and physically. Give us a call today and start enjoying your lawn.