Lawn Care in Aurora

Green Vision knows you care about your Aurora, CO, lawn. We also know you have more important things to do than run yourself ragged with lawn care responsibilities. Our licensed team of professionals takes lawn care off your weary shoulders and reduces your to-do list by keeping your lawn maintained and healthy all year.

Benefits of a Healthy Lawn:

  • Increased resistance to drought and disease.
  • Eye-catching curb appeal.
  • Naturally repels insects.
  • Cleaner air.
  • Envious neighbors.

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Lawn Fertilization in Aurora

Good lawn care is reflected through the vibrancy and health of your grass. Green Vision’s lawn fertilization service obsesses over finding the right balance of fertilizer and weed control to nourish your turf to its maximum vitality.

Our 6-step Lawn Fertilization Program treats your grass with:

  • Custom-blended fertilizer.
  • Premium weed control products.
  • Precisely measured and timed applications.
  • Granular fertilizer (1st and last applications)
  • Late fall fertilizer.

As area residents ourselves, we are familiar with the many warm- and cool-season grasses that grow in Colorado. Our lawn care professionals take the time to identify the type of grass that grows in your yard so we can create a lawn fertilization plan fit to deliver the most impressive results. If you’re looking for a service that covers lawn care essentials, look no further than our 6-step program. 

Weed Control in Aurora

Are you spending more time than you’d like ripping weeds out of your lawn? Aside from these invasive plants adding ugly blemishes to your yard, they can spread quickly and choke nutrients out of the plants you actually want in your landscape. Green Vision’s weed control program eliminates weeds and the problems they cause with a highly effective combination of:

  • Advanced pre-emergent weed control in every application.
  • Targeted spot treatment.
  • Weed removal—root and all—with up-close and personal hand-pulling services.
  • Consistent prevention methods.

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Our top-notch weed control is one of our most popular services and is included in our 6-step Lawn Fertilization Program. Win the fight against weeds and contact Green Vision today!

Aeration and Overseeding in Aurora

Lawn aeration performed at least every 2 years undoes the damage caused by the compacted soil barrier that forms on lawns over time and use. Compacted soil and thatch block grass roots from receiving water, air, and nutrients from fertilizer. This results in dead spots, pooling water, and your grass’ growth coming to a halt. 

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

Green Vision’s lawn aeration service plays a big part in reversing these effects and enhancing the overall health of your grass by:

  • Loosening compacted soil.
  • Increasing turf durability.
  • Correcting weak spots in your yard.
  • Strengthening grass.

As for those dead spots, we correct them quickly by following lawn aeration with overseeding. We scatter premium grass seed to combine with your existing grass to replenish bald spots with thicker, healthier grass than before.

Mulching in Aurora

Green Vision’s mulching service elevates the health of your soil by spreading a layer of organic material over certain areas of your property. Mulching does more than beautify your foundation, garden beds, and tree bases. Adding mulch to your landscaping:

  • Reduces weeds.
  • Locks in moisture.
  • Prevents erosion and compaction.
  • Insulates soil.

As beneficial as it is, mulching can be a mess. Allow the Green Vision lawn care team to add mulch to your garden beds, around your trees and shrubs, and along your home’s foundation. Your lawn will reap the benefits of mulching, and you won’t have to haul and clean up the aftermath.

Rock Replenishment in Aurora

Much like mulching, rock replenishment is a way to prevent erosion, weeds, lawn disease, and drought. Green Vision’s rock installation and replenishment services go the extra mile to match our rocks with your existing ones to complement your oasis. You don’t need to tire yourself and your finances with a complete renovation job.

Add Curb Appeal with Our Landscaping Rocks:

  • Edging.
  • Pathways.
  • Around fountains and planters.
  • Steps.
  • Rock gardens.

With Green Vision, you really can have it all without the haul. Call today for a free estimate on our rock replenishment and installation services.

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Irrigation Maintenance in Aurora

Risking sprinkler damage from improper irrigation maintenance can result in more expensive repairs than the initial installation. The irrigation maintenance experts at Green Vision know how to care for your valued investment, and provide the proper inspections, system checks, and services to ensure your sprinklers perform their best year after year.

Green Vision’s Irrigation Maintenance:

Start-up Services

  • System inspection (make adjustments if needed).
  • We tidy the area around your sprinklers.
  • Prepare irrigation controller for summer.

Blow-Out Services

  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Blow out water lines before by the first frost.
  • Reprogram the irrigation controller.

Choose Green Vision For Your Lawn Services in Aurora, CO

When you need lawn care for your Aurora property, why not trust the experts who live and operate in the area? With over 25 years of experience and a commitment to the success of your lawn, Green Vision is here to transform your yard into the space you’ve always wanted.

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Our Services

Lawn Fertilization

A well-fertilized yard is not only healthier and greener, but it is far better at preventing weeds and disease within the yard.  We use market-leading data and resources to put only the best products in your soil to give you the peace of mind that your yard will always be healthy.

Lawn Care

Green Vision offers customized lawn care to meet the individual needs of each customer. Our six-step program combines the right amount of nutrients and weed control for a healthy, vibrant lawn.

Additional Services

Green Vision offers a variety of other lawn care services to improve the health and durability of your lawn. They include aeration, overseeding, rock replenishment, mulching, and irrigation maintenance.