Improve the Health and Wellness of Your Lawn This Summer

Making the time to take care of your turf is a large feat – larger than most people bargain for when they decide to dedicate time to caring for their yard. You have probably tried to occupy yourself with a good lawn care regimen over the past year and still not be entirely in the know when it comes to the best lawn care schedules. That’s why green vision is happy to share your tips and tricks to extend our knowledge of the lawn care basics to our clients.  fertilizing lawn

The main things you will need to do focus on when you want to improve the health and wellness of your turf include:

  • Be on the lookout for thinning grass
  • Following a proper fertilization schedule
  • Hydrate adequately and frequently
  • Mow your turf to the suggested height and often

In this blog, we’re going to talk about all of the above to ensure your lawn care journey gets a good start.

Keep an Eye Out for Thin Turf

You will start to notice thinning turf if your yard has suffered a lot of damage from the previous snow and rain weather that hits us hard here in Colorado Springs. It can be overwhelming when you see this if it’s happening to a once perfectly full turf. However, it can be taken care of, it doesn’t automatically mean you need new turf. Two things you can consider when you discover that you have thinning turf:

  • Look into aeration for your turf. This will allow your soil to be loosened and create pathways for nutrients to be better absorbed.
  • Consider overseeding your turf. It’s important to realize that if your lawn is struggling, it will need extra help to recover.

Don’t Stop Fertilizing

Three fertilizers that you should look into are:

Some things you will want to include in your fertilizer are:

  • Slow-release fertilizer
  • Crabgrass control
  • Spot weed control

It is important to remember a good fertilization schedule is needed for all stages of lawn care, including when you are happy with the way your lawn looks. When your lawn looks just the way you want it to, that is when you should ensure your fertilizers are o

Water Away

When you water your turf, it really helps the seed from the fertilizer get embedded into the soil. When this happens, your fertilizer will be working overtime. Without continuous hydration, you will start to notice that your seed isn’t doing what you want it to.

Something that will ensure your turf receives the proper hydration is installing a professional irrigation system. This way you can stop worrying about if you are watering too much or too little each time you get out to use your garden hose.

Mowing: The Ins and Outs

The key to mowing your turf is to mow frequently and efficiently. Green Vision doesn’t suggest this just because most HOA’s have a strict turf height guideline but because your turf can suffer from long periods of lawn mowing yardtime without being mowed.

It is widely suggested that your turf should always stand at two and a half inches high, maybe two and three-fourths of an inch high, but no more. When you let it grow past this, your turf can suffer from a build-up of dead grass clippings, which can form fungi and other lawn diseases. It can also cause compact soil, which will lead to the need for aeration and other reparative lawn services. All of which can be avoided if you are taking care of your turf correctly in the first place.

Keep Green Vision In Mind This Summer When You Take Care of Your Summer Lawn Needs

Lawn care is a common need amongst everyone in the Colorado Springs, CO area. You can count on Green Vision to be your number one go-to lawn care company to improve health and wellness. We have all of the experience that our clients are looking for when it comes to keeping up with a good lawn care regimen. The licensed experts at Green Vision are well-versed in restoring turfgrass.

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