Colorado Lawn Diseases To Keep Your Eye Out For

Colorado’s weather is all over the place, I think everyone can agree on that fact. With the weather being so hot and cold, it is important to continuously check in with your lawn to make sure it isn’t developing any sort of disease. The summertime season is generally when lawns will develop diseases such as Ascochyta Leaf Blight, Red Thread, Brown Patch, and so many other lawn diseases that you need to be on the lookout for. If you don’t know what you are supposed to be looking out for, you might have a hard time finding and preventing these diseases.

Follow Green Vision for a little bit of deeper education on what these diseases are and how you might be able to prevent them from destroying your lawn. We will only cover a few, but you will be better prepared to care for your lawn after reading this blog. close up of grass blade with leaf blight

Ascochyta Leaf Blight

This lawn disease is really common in the Colorado Springs area. It tends to affect Kentucky bluegrass more than any other. You will start to notice this once the rainy spring has ended and the summer has begun. Once that hot, humid weather hits, it’s the time where Ascochyta Leaf Blight will start to develop and thrive. Unfortunately, that is all we know about what really triggers this Colorado lawn disease, there isn’t much research on what kind of environment it really thrives in. To combat this disease when you find your grass suffering from it, here are some measures you should be taking:

  • Make sure there is no excess thatch
  • Ensure your mowing blades are sharp
  • Keep to a strict fertilization schedule

Red Thread

Red Thread lawn disease is actually most severe in Kentucky bluegrass turf, which means it is generally pretty common in our area of Colorado. This is a unique lawn disease because it can often be misinterpreted as a different lawn disease, which makes it tough to treat and prevent.

When you see Red Thread, you are going to notice about four-inch patches that are around two feet in width and will look like a red-blue color at the top of your turf leaves. This is more of a leaf issue than a root issue, so the affected areas should be right at the top of the turf.

Brown Patch

Although more common around the hotter, more humid states, Brown Patch still shows up in Colorado here and there. Usually, if you live in an area where there is a lot of shade because you are surrounded by trees, this disease will start to rear its ugly head.

It is adequately named for how it presents itself. But sadly, that can mean that you aren’t is sure whether it is dead grass or if it actually is Brown Patch. Some ways you can better identify this disease is by noticing the pattern of circular shapes throughout the disease. To combat something like Brown Patch, you will want to: brown patches on lawn

  • Address over-watering
  • Beware of compact soil
  • Correct any poor drainage around your grass
  • Implement overseeding practices

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